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5 Discovered Steps to an Online Success

1. Pay attention to the product pages on your site.

This is the most important element of your store not only because they inform customers about your goods and tempt them to buy from you but also because great product pages help with your search engine rankings and bring more customers to your store. If you want to attract more people to your site and improve your sales – improve your product pages.

  • Pay attention to the product names, it should be clear for your customers what exactly do you sell.
  • Make sure you put your product names into your product page url and headings.
  • Add a unique description to your products with lots of quality content: good-looking photos and short high level videos.
  • You should definitely add product reviews and testimonials because they build trust, most of the consumers read it before making a purchase.

So if you follow all the advices above, you will greatly increase your search engine rank and people will find your goods easier and quicker.

2. Always work on SEO.

It is one of the most important component in optimizing your online store. Deciding with which keywords you want to be found is the basis of good SEO.

  • Make sure that you are only targeting the queries that will actually match what the user is looking for.
  • Use the most important keywords in the domain name and H1 title tag.
  • Don’t make both of them too long.
  • If you have no time for SEO, there are lots of online services that may do it for you such as SE ranking.

3. Analyze your outbound and inbound links across 15 SEO parameters.

Marketers and SEO experts are still debating on off-site vs on-site optimization work importance, but what is clear today is that off-site optimization work is mostly about outbound and inbound links and SE Ranking does a great job as a backlinks checker.

What are the 15 SEO parameters backlinks are analyzed for:

  • Backlink status: Found / Not found
  • Google index status: Index / Not indexed
  • Google Page Rank: Google’s link popularity score by December, 6th 2013
  • MOZ DA: Domain authority as assessed by MOZ
  • Ahrefs Domain Rank: Link popularity as assessed by Ahrefs
  • Country: The location of the server where the inbound link is hosted at
  • External links: The number of other links on the linking page (both Nofollow and Dofollow counted)
  • Added On: The date the backlink was discovered on
  • Last Check: The date of the last backlink check
  • Social Popularity: Backlink page shares in Facebook and Google+
  • Jestic Domain Trust: As assessed by Majestic
  • Alexa Rank: Linking page importance as assessed by Alexa
  • Destination URL: Exact page the link directs to
  • Anchor Text: The anchor text of the link
  • IP: The IP of the server the linking website is hosted at

4. Put on your “customer hat” and take a look at your site.

  • Make your homepage attractive to people
  • Use it to announce new products, offers and sales.
  • Pay attention to the site search function if your online store has a large product catalog.
  • Choose good quality pictures for your products.
  • Remember to check your online reputation by Googling for your brand. If negative - consider employing a professional online reputation management agency. Preferably, local.
  • The description to the goods you sell should be written in a simple “human” language and should include all the information people can be interested in.
  • Your consumer needs to see pricing and shipping information clearly stated.

Help your customers with all these things and they will like your site and will come back to you again.

5. Use social media platforms.

Boost your search engines tracking, sales rate and client’s loyalty by using all social media power.

  • Plan, schedule and share content with your followers across multiple social media sites in just a couple of clicks.
  • You need to find the best time to engage with your target audience as well as the type of content that yields the best results. If you are too busy with your business and have not time for this, use online tools that can help you, I often use SEranking scheduled publishing and monitoring tools.

Optimization of your online store cannot be done once and forever. You need to work on it all the time. Create great content and an accessible structure of the site. Develop  keywords and link building strategy. Regularly refresh your homepage with sales and new products. Add a good social media strategy that will help you to communicate and engage with people who are interested in your products. Of course you do not need to do everything at once but try one or two things at a time and you will see an increase in traffic.