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Monetize Your Applications
Monetize your applications and websites with Virutal Currency

Tatto Virtual Currency is a specialized solution to monetize applications and websites with virtual currency. Tatto's advanced payment processing, exclusive advertisers and global reach generate outstanding revenue for publishers. Real-time tracking and customization in an easy-to-use application along with enhanced customer care guarantees publishers' success. Tatto Virtual Currency is a smart virtual payment platform.

Monetize Applications

Instead of using traditional methods of banner advertisements to monetize online applications, allow users to complete advertisements or pay for points with virtual currency. Virtual currency enables users to use points as a virtual currency and purchase items from your application. Tatto's proprietary tracking technology makes using virtual currency as a payment platform easy. Current Tatto publishers earn $50 to $200 per user daily!

Payment Processing

Industry statistics report that direct purchases with credit cards for virtual currency accounts for 50% of all virtual good transactions. Tatto has this covered. Tatto has a developed propriety credit processing technology for direct payments and uses several payment gateways. Tatto also supports custom virtual currency purchases via Paypal.


Tatto works directly with thousands of performance advertisers. Tatto's long history in online advertising has given it years to obtain a truly global advertiser base. These strong relationships with advertisers provide exclusive advertisements spanning over 155 countries. Solid creative standards guarantee only quality advertisements are displayed.

Real-time Tracking

Tatto's proprietary tracking technology provides detailed real-time statistics. Tatto works closely with advertisers to acquire transaction data immediately after a user completes an advertisement and notifies your application simultaneously with the amount of currency they should receive. This immediate tracking enhances your users' experience as they don't have to wait for currency. Virtual currency publishers have access to these statistics including performance by country.


The Tatto Virtual Currency application allows publishers to customize their implementation. CSS can be specified to customize the appearance of Virtual Currency advertisements. The virtual currency exchange rate can be specified in the application and updated to find the right exchange rate - amount of virtual currency per advertising revenue generated. Engaging virtual goods layouts are used to increase the revenue generated per user. Tatto Virtual Currency is the only virtual currency solution that maximize your users' experience.

Customer Care

Enhanced customer support guarantees the lowest customer complaints. Advanced logging of transactions enables support staff to quickly solve inquires regarding issues with a user's virtual currency. Intricate fraud detection systems make certain that all transactions are good and user inquires are valid.

Become a Tatto Virtual Currency Publisher

Sign Up Now as a publisher with Tatto Virtual Currency. Tatto Virtual Currency Signup. If you application passes specific criteria, you will be automatically approved and can begin generating money with Tatto immediately. If you are not automatically approved, your dedicated account manager will contact with you shortly.