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Download PDF Here 1 Rule To Awesome AdTech SF: OBEY - Apr. 17, 2010
 Source: Jonathan Volk 
The 5th most popular affiliate marketing blog shares thoughts about the results and their ranking within Tatto Media's 2010 Affiliate Survey Report.
Download PDF Here Research Shows How AdHustler is One of the Most Read Affiliate Blogs - Apr. 13, 2010
 Source: AdHustler 
Jonathan covers some "must do's" at Ad:tech San Fran 2010, referencing Tatto Media's 2010 Affiliate Survey Report as support.
Download PDF Here 6th Top Read Affiliate Marketing Blog - Apr. 13, 2010
 Source: Justin Dupre 
The 6th most popular affiliate marketing blog shares thoughts about the results their ranking within Tatto Media's 2010 Affiliate Survey Report.
Download PDF Here Things Friends are Up To - Apr. 12, 2010
 Source: UberAffiliate 
UberAffiliate covers the most recent activity of a few major players in the affiliate marketing industry, including Tatto Media, Jonathan Volk and Neverblue.
Download PDF Here Tatto Media Report Finds SEO Conferences Have Zero Value - Apr. 12, 2010
 Source: ShoeMoney 
Tatto Media surprises even ShoeMoney as he takes on first coverage of the 2010 Affiliate Survey Report and highlights Tatto's finding about affiliate conferences.


Download PDF Here Tatto Media CEO Miao Says Ad Exchange Will Not Be Needed Someday - Oct. 7, 2010
 Source: AdExchanger 
AdExchanger runs through a question and answer session with Lin Miao, the Chief Executive Officer of Tatto Media, for insights on direct response, agency models, and more.
Download PDF Here Moving Flash Cookies Into Direct-Response BT - Sept. 16, 2010
 Source: MediaPost Behavioral Insider 
"Miao [the CEO of Tatto Media] predicts within the next two years BT will move away from being used as a reporting tool and into performance and direct-response-based metrics."
Download PDF Here Tatto Media: Exclusive Network, Exclusive Offers - Jul. 9, 2010
 Source: Ian Fernando 
"[Tatto Media] have [their] own proprietary tracking system...built from the ground up. So, no DT, no LinkTrust...The interface is geared for affiliates, and is self serve. They can track their stats by: Impression, click, ctr, leads, epc, hour, sub, etc..."
Download PDF Here Tatto Media Offers Behavioral Solution - Jun. 5, 2010
 Source: BizReport 
"According to numbers from comScore, [Tatto Media] has become the third largest advertising network worldwide, offering marketers a self-serve solution to behaviorally targeted ads."
Download PDF Here Tatto Media Third Largest Ad Network Worldwide According to comScore - Jun. 3, 2010
 Source: Reuters 
"Tatto Media stands apart from other networks through its unique combination of next-generation targeting capabilities, a seamless self-serve platform, and responsive service from a knowledgeable support team."
Download PDF Here Make Money Online with Tatto Media - May 14, 2010
 Source: John Chow 
John Chow covers the Tatto Media network and interfaces, outlining specifically the proprietary tracking technology, self-service interface, in-house offers, and weekly commissioned payments.
Download PDF Here Tatto Media Outshines Media Moguls With Unmatched Style - Mar. 19, 2010
 Source: Reuters 
Reuters outlines Tatto Media's "laser-sharp focus" on behavioral marketing, and lists statistical evidence of growth within Dedicated Media, Tribal Fusion, and more.


Download PDF Here Will the Recession Kill Web 2.0? - Dec. 21, 2008
 Source: The Wall Street Journal 
Media companies who can apply behavioral targeting...will be able to improve click through rates and conversion rates...Tatto Media can better identify which customer to show each ad, and will benefit disproportionately.
Download PDF Here Tatto Media Emerges As Key Player - Jul. 17, 2008
 Source: redOrbit 
"The ability for an advertiser to precisely target somebody that is male and between the ages of 35-45 is a major advantage. Tatto Media has introduced the most accurate and proven behavioral targeting technology that will meet and exceed our customers' most challenging needs."


Download PDF Here The Best Entrepreneurs Class of '07 Today - Jun. 3, 2007
 Source: Business Week 
Tatto Media's three founders, Lin Miao, Lucas Brown, and Lee Brown are one of the successful entrepreneurs under 25 recognized by Business week.