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Advertising Made Simple
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Tatto makes advertising online simple. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, behavioral data points and proprietary optimization algorithms, advertisers achieve premium returns on their campaigns. Start finding the perfect customers for your products and services now with Tatto Advertising. The smart advertising platform and real advertising technology make advertising online simple.

Best Way to Advertise Online

Tatto Media advertising is a guaranteed success. Traditional advertising companies charge advertisers by pay per impression for banner advertisements, or pay for click for text links. The smart advertising platform distributes advertisements across Tatto Media established display, performance and virtual currency publishing networks and only charges an advertiser when there is measurable action.Real advertising technology allows Tatto Media to assume the performance risk for guaranteed success.

Advertise with Tatto Advertising Now

Sign up now as an advertiser on with Tatto Media’s. Tatto Advertising Signup. Most accounts will be automatically approved. Simply load your campaigns and let Tatto distribute your advertisements and generate results. A dedicated account manager will work directly with you to ensure your success.